Feuding residents in a rural town must ban together when they are threatened not only by encircling forest fires that have entrapped them but also an onslaught of relentless and voracious attacks by blood thirsty coyotes displaced by the out of control inferno.
Wescreenplay: Considered
"Gnarl" is a masterfully crafted screenplay that stands out with its well developed characters, their unique dynamics, and the overall setting they are placed in ... the narrative is gripping from the very get-go to the final page.
Genre: Creature Feature
The Adventures of Tabora & Kai: The River Runs Dry
While struggling to survive the wild post apocalyptic Savanna, an exiled hyena princess and a lost lion cub become unlikely friends and learn that there may be more to the family’s ancient grudge than they assumed.
Genre: Adult Animation


Inside Edge
A hockey player and a figure skater, both struggling with addiction, come to terms with their relationship and try to carve a future for themselves. 
Genre: Dramatic Romance

Gods Among Us
A bitter lover's quarrel between two Gods erupts on the city streets of Los Angeles.
Genre: Fantasy

London Fog
The hunt for the notorious Jack The Ripper goes terribly astray as the hunter becomes the hunted.
Genre: Dramatic Thriller

Jury of my Queers
A straight man is on trial about his mistaken sexual identity.
Genre: Outrageous Comedy

Wolverine vs Dracula
A concept pitch: Wolverine and Dracula battle it out in a fight for immortality.
Genre: Outrageous Comedy

Pride Boys In Da Hood
The leader of the Pride Boys must interrogate one of his own for his acts of indiscretion.
Genre: Outrageous Comedy

No Good Deed
A loner police officer becomes empathetic towards an out of luck homeless person and helps him get his life back together but they soon find truth to the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished.
Genre: Drama

Last Stop
A tough as nails prosecutor finds a dark and eerie world lurking in the tunnels of the subway. The further she goes, the more she is sucked in and can’t get out.
Genre: Horror

When a retired battlefield nurse posts a room for rent, she has her hands full when a vagrant and her friends tries to force her out of her own home.
Genre: Horror

The Reporter
An unscrupulous reporter, who is desperate to get ahead, finds that she may cross one too many lines in order to do so when she investigates a mysterious hit-n-run accident where the person doing the time is not the person who was seen driving the vehicle.
Genre: Drama

Sweet Child of Mine
When a couple anguishes over the loss of their child to an abductor, they cope with their vacancy by adopting. In doing so, they are rewarded with the greatest gift of a new beginning.
Genre: Drama

Cabin Fever
A couple on their honeymoon is stuck in a cabin during the pandemic.
Genre: Romantic Comedy


Magic Skates
When the owner of a dilapidated skating rink accidentally discovers his hand-me-down skates have powers that turn him into a martial arts super hero, he finds that in order to save his family owned business, he must first help the struggling community who have shunned him for decades.
Genre: Dark Comedy


The Revenant
A roadside diner waitress is called upon to uphold an ancestral lineage and rid the world of overpopulated vampires.
Genre: Comedy Creature Feature

Sumtin' Like 'Dat
When an Asian country singer struggles to break into the music industry, he finds help from an unlikely source - a young rapper with a stuttering problem.
Genre: Musical Drama


The Three Musketeerers: Clowns with Swords
Clowns With Swords is a physical theater ensemble that focuses on deconstructing classic tales and illuminating a perspective through the twisted lens of the theatrical clown.
The Three Musketeerers: Clowns With Swords is a deconstructed examination of Dumas’ classic retold in the style of theatrical clown. Playing fully from impulse and desire, the clowns will explore the irreverent, vulgar, innocent, poetic and hilarity of the novel and attempt to retell the tale of perhaps the greatest cloak and sword story ever written … to the best of their ability. How the clowns navigate telling the story is the true performance, and their play is the theatrical pay dirt.
Originally conceived in Chicago in 2001 at the critically acclaimed Trap Door Theatre, Ovation Honors Award and multiple LA Weekly Award winner Andrew Amani is excited to share his directorial vision:
“After reading the novel, several times, I knew I wanted to develop this story into a theatrical production. However, I wanted to make sure it didn’t fall into the trap of telling the same story that was portrayed in any previous film or stage adaptations. There is a lot more going on than what Dumas wrote. And doing it in clown form only makes sense because that is how these characters were written – as a bunch of fools.”
At first look, the set is primarily conceived of large crate-sized boxes that each performer can claim as their home base, make grand entrances and exits, quick costume changes (if necessary), or simply play on, in and around. However, a large part of the exploration process is incorporating how the set serves the clowns in their attempt to tell the story.
Utilizing the concept of Future Innovation Furniture and the technical expertise of Jeff Kleeman from Studio Serena Los Angeles, the boxes will be highly engineered to re-examine, re-think and re-invent the basic functionality of a box and explore the utilization of space, construction and connectivity. This high concept functionality will provide more than possibilities for interesting choreography. The set will literally be brought to life and become a separate character allowing the performance to enter a whole new world of magical innovation.

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